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The office plans to start seeing patients on Tuesday, June 9. Patients will be contacted before their appointment. Looking forward to seeing you.
In accordance with official recommendations, until further notice, we will not be performing certain procedures that generate aerosols. This includes teeth polishing and use of ultrasonic scalers. With that being the case, we are requesting that patients thoroughly brush their teeth immediately prior to coming for their appointment to remove soft deposits (plaque) and food debris. That way, our hygienist's time with our patients can be better spent hand scaling hard deposits (tartar) and stains.

Dr. Dellinger COVID-19 Patient Guidelines

Please watch our welcome back video

Welcome To Our Practice

We appreciate your selection of this office to serve your dental health needs. Our goal in this practice is to provide the very best possible dental care for our patients so that you may achieve optimal dental health throughout your lifetime. Our entire staff operates as a team. We take great pride in each staff members training and capabilities. The more you know about our policies and methods of practice, the more we can be of service to you. We welcome new patients and look forward to providing all of your dental needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Small children may want to bring along a favorite stuffed animal, toy, DVD or video when they visit the office.